Kathy Schultz, Author


I was born on a cold Thanksgiving morning with a touch of snow on the ground.  Atlanta usually had its icy rain storms but on this November 24th, it chose to give nature a different venue for its Winter garment.   Perhaps that was an omen, a forerunner of things to come.   My mother and father were of the older age group and needless to say I was a very big surprise to them.  However, during the childhood years, they were able to cope with all the ideas and fantasies that all children bring to their parents.


I grew up in Atlanta and attended Crew Street Elementary School and then graduated from Hoke Smith High School. I enjoyed school but was not able to participate in athletics or other activities because I had the very bad luck of coming down with Rheumatic Fever and a little heart murmur. Gosh, even today I remember how much I wanted to be a majorette.  So my life became songs, stories and books, and just like every other young girl of those times, I rode the range with Sunset Carson, Lash Larue, Hoppy, Gene and Roy.  I was super girl and wonder woman. 

Upon leaving my childhood behind, I joined the real world as a Nurse.  I graduated from St. Joseph School of Nursing in Maryland and recently retired after 45 years of nursing. 

Today  However, I still dream and I still ride the range with all my cowboy heroes and my country western singing stars - the past is always alive in the future.

Like all people, I have had my share of heartaches and pain.  I have learned to fake it till you make it and to try laughing instead of crying.  It keeps one going.  Life is beautiful and I would like to live it again.

Special thanks to that someone who inspired me, my Angel Unaware. God Bless you.